Pogerola il meraviglioso borgo di Amalfi

Pogerola: the wonderful village of Amalfi

Pogerola, for the location and the natural beauty of the landscape has the charm of the things that make you fall in love, it is situated in a prime location, near three of the major places of tourist attraction on the Amalfi Coast. Exactly 5 km from the center of Amalfi, Ravello and its famous Coral Museum 12 km (21 min) and, finally, from Positano 18 km (27 min).

At one time, the village was named Pigellula, perhaps because it produced in special earthenware dishes, was the site of an ancient medieval castle of which still remains clear traces formed by walls and towers from which you can enjoy the wonderful view of the city Coast. It also preserves some medieval churches of particular value, such as “The Church of Santa Marina” (twelfth century) and the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Grace (dating from 1517). This small strip of land, which is 300 meters high fences in the background the underlying maritime town that had the appearance of a mystical meeting place.

Starting from Pogerola, you can cross the magical nature trails, surrounded by greenery and filled delightful with streams. Behind it extend the Lattari mountains and the natural reserve of the “Valle delle Ferriere”, famous because, in this place, you can admire some rare tropical ferns (Pteris Cretica and Woodwardia radicans). La Valle delle Ferriere is a visit not to be missed also because of the presence of numerous waterfalls and springs with ancient and evocative names . The water of these springs has for years fuelled the factories and the paper mills of Amalfi.

You just have to take this pleasant walk to discover not only natural beauty, but also architecture, such as the ancient ironworks and one of the first hydroelectric power plants in Italy.